we are deeply sad and heartbroken to announce the passing of dear companyon, 
collaborator, incredibly gentle and loving, the legend, genius (i rarely use that word but just can' t keep it back 
right now right here), musical mentor, challenger, and as he came to be, close friend. there are no words to add right now. 
he made our days richer and we will notice as time go by how much he contributed of life and being.
 it was an honor to know this man. rest in peace, hope to see you again.

with much love and the greatest respect. The rest of you, take care of each other!

Melchior / Emil Nikolaisen/ Serena Maneesh Dec 21st 2006














At school 1979 watching  "Hvem er redd for Tobben" ("Who is afraid of Tobben?") 
by Arendal Dramatiske Selskab. Marius in first row to the right




Lino 1980




With his cactus collection, 1981




With Tarjei in St. Petersport, Guernsey,  July 1984




With Tarjei and  Leonard Rickhard, Christianssand Kunstforening 1985








At Rondeslottet August 1986   Marius no 2 from the left





Working at Arendal Rock Club 1991-1993




With his family at home at Martheskjær 1995. Behind at the left.





With Tarjei at Martheskjær 1995





Traveling in the US 1995





At Hydra 1996






Traveling in Italy 1997






 With Eirin, Merdø 1997




With Pushwagner, 1999



To Marius from Pushwagner



With Eirinn, Hamburg 1999.




Norwegian Wood, Oslo 1999





With Anne Grünerløkka 2003





Arendal summer 2004





With Michael 2005




Kåre Virud won the  Spellemannsprisen Award 2005 for  Ild og Vann, mixed by Marius






With Christina at Ekebergrestauranten June 2005





At Crystal Canyon Studios 2005





New Year's Eve 2005




 Arendal summer 2006.  Working on his sailing boat "Maria del Mar" together with Christina.




Arendal, July 2006



With Tarjei and Anne, Arendal, July 2006





With his beloved Serena, October 2006.