Lasse and The Dirtydogs:  Sticks and Stones

EP 2005

Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen at Crystal Canyon 

Written and performed by Lasse and The Dirtydogs
All lyrics by Lasse and The Dirtydogs
Produced by Anders Møller
Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll and Strype Audio
Recorded and mixed at Crystal Canyon Studios

Marius B. Pedersen: lead vocals, guitars, piano, farfisa
Anders Bøe:  lead guitar, percussion
Christian Didrick Jacobsen:  drums, percussion, harmonica, backing vocals
Lasse H. Kristoffersen
Plus very special guiest:
Anders Møller, percussion on Insane

Coverdesign and Artwork:  Anders Bøe
Photo:  Silje Johannesen except black and white studio photos
Covergirl:  Caroline Telstad
Styling:  Charlotte Forslund

1.   Sticks and Stones Baby
2.   Insane
3.   Black Mood Colly

This record is dedicated to the heartbreakers and the heartbroken

"Spesielt låta Sticks.. har gjort stor suksess, mye takket være Marius' dype og gode mix...Han er dypt savnet".
  Christian Didrik Jacobsen august 2007