King Midas:  Romeo Turn


CD Ellet Records 2003


Produced by Marius Bodin Larsen & KMI

Mixed by Marius Bodin Larsen

Recording and mixing engineers tracks 13,14,15,16,17 Marius Bodin Larsen, Anders Möller and Knut Schreiner


Ando Woltmann
Per Schimmel
Sonny Ohlsen
Stephen Martin
Katoo Möster
Tracee Meyn

Recorded and mixed in Little Big Room, Stockholm and Crystal Canyon, Oslo
Recording and mixing engineers: Marcus Enochson and Mats Lindfors

Except tracks 13,14,15, 16, 17 recorded and mixed at Los Angeles Platz, Berlin and Crystal Canyon and Endless Sound, Oslo

Track 18 produced by Gaute Drevdal

Track 19 produced by Fred Ball 

Mastered by Cutting Room AB

Photography by Per Heimly

Design by Nick Alexander

Thanx/Support:  Marius etc.

Track list:

1.   Holiday (Ohlsen/Schimmel/Woltmann)
2.   The Cult (Woltmann)
3.   Woman in Jazz (Ohlsen/Schimmel/Woltmann)
4.   I Can't Help But Deceive You, Little Girl (Ohlsen/Schimmel/Woltmann)
5.   Heartbeat Boogie (Woltmann)
6.   Neue Initiative (Woltmann)
7.   The Harder They Come (Woltmann)
8.   Munich Apartement (Schimmel/Woltmann)
9.   Fire (Woltmann)
10.  Romeo Turn (Woltmann)
11.  The Man From The Gas Station (Schimmel/Hansi/Martin/Woltmann)
12.  The Blues Ain't Nothing (Woltmann)